Welcome to the OWLnet Customization page.

Here you can download a small zip folder that will allow you to customize the colors of your buttons. This will allow you to personalize the look of OWLnet to match your store colors, a special event, holiday or just becuase you want to. You can change them as much as you want, and even have multiple different "color" schemes saved for different users. Follow the directions below:

• Download "OWLnet.exe" from below
• Locate the program(usually found in "Downloads" folder)
• Double-click on the program to run.
* if you are warned about running the program, just accept *

You can use single word "common" colors, e.g. blue, red, yellow, etc., or HEX color codes, e.g. #00FFFF(bright teal) or #5C5C5C(dark grey). You must include the hash(#) mark if you use HEX color codes. Visit the following websites for color ideas:

HEX Color Tool
HTML Color Codes
Color Palletes - Search through hundreds of color palletes from keywords, like 'summer' or 'galaxy'
Image Color Picker - Upload any image and click on a color in the image to get the HEX code for it.

For 32-bit Windows Systems
For 64-bit Windows Systems

**Open your new custom OWLnet page with your browser and save the webpage to your favorites.**
Background Color Border Color Font Color Hover:Background Color Hover:Border Color Hover:Font Color
#BC90BA #563256 #D7DAD6 #EED102 #D7DAD6 #645C9F
#5C5C5C purple #00FFFF #00FFFF #5C5C5C purple
black gold gold gold black black

Samples of Custom Buttons & Dropdowns Made to include store specific links.